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Brownfield Solutions

A1 Services Manchester provide three key brownfield solutions to our clients: Soil testing, soil report assessment and cost effective disposal options using our bulk tipper transport services.

Our Brownfield solutions include:

  • Soil testing
  • Soil report assessment
  • Cost effective disposal options for contaminated soils including pre disposal treatment
  • Japanese Knotweed disposal
  • In house disposal facilities
  • Import of fill materials
  • Large fleet of modern 8-wheel tipper trucks

Assessment and Disposal

We have the necessary in house expertise to assist our customers in identifying a suitable soil test schedule, we can accurately assess soil reports and test results, and, based on the results, identify the most cost effective disposal options. This may include our own disposal facilities, see disposal facilities. We utilise our own fleet of modern 8-wheel tippers trucks, to transport the material to the identified disposal point see tipper hire.

Importing Fill Material

If there is a requirement to import fill materials to your site, our experienced team can assist in locating and transporting a suitable source of material such as clays and sand.

Japanese Knotweed

Soils contaminated with Japanese Knotweed are required to be disposed of in specialist disposal facilities in order to comply with current waste disposal regulations. Here at A1 Services Manchester we have access to these facilities and are licensed to carry this type of waste in our modern tipper trucks.

Hazardous Soils

A1 Services Manchester are licensed to carry hazardous contaminated soils and have access to specialist disposal facilities. We can advise you on pre disposal treatments which can be carried out to reduce certain types of contamination in soils which can prove to be very cost effective compared to disposal directly to hazardous landfill.

Waste documentation

Our experienced staff can handle the whole process on behalf of our customers, including the provision of all required waste documentation to ensure that your waste soils are disposed of in full compliance with current waste regulations

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